DRAGON BUTTERFLY and other art inside

DRAGON BUTTERFLY and other art inside

The Dragon butterfly clock, the work of the Katanada Studio, was conceived and executed as a beautiful medieval castle, with stained glass windows and sculptures, carved balconies and arches, towers and a main entrance. Inside the castle is the clockwork with chime. Every hour is marked by a melodic sound; the number of beats corresponds to the coming hour. On top of the castle is a fairy-tale dragon with six pairs of lace wings shaped like butterfly wings. Multicolored pieces of glass are formed into a complex pattern, giving the dragon an elegant and festive look. The overall impression is enhanced by the pattern of scales on the body, lined with 85 thousand watch rubies. At night, the light in the castle lights up, illuminating the stained glass windows and the functioning clockwork.

The creators of the art object Alexander Mushkin, Alexey Belikov and Alyona Mushkina work in scrap-art technique, using in their masterpieces antiquities and mechanisms of various, at first glance familiar and utilitarian things. "DRAGON BUTTERFLY" is one of the most expressive and characteristic among recent creations. Collected from more than a thousand pieces, the masterpiece looks like a complete unit, and yet, every detail of the mechanism is recognizable and valuable itself.

The work of the studio "Katanada" is a symbiosis of fabric, metal, wood and Ideas. The world of everyday things, such as teaspoons or clock mechanisms, seen through the prism of the artist’s works becomes a part of something fantastic and amazing.

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