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Parking Package

Are you looking for accommodation for a few nights and planning to arrive with your own car? Then we have a perfect solution for you for the best rate and reservation conditions. Your parking space is now included in this special rate. The rate is available for minimum 2 nights stay.

Please test the rate for your possible stay easily and without any commitments on link:


Sauna package

Sauna package

Sauna has a positive effect on your immunity, hormonal and nerve functions. A person who regularly visits the sauna is better able to withstand frequent temperature fluctuations, in other words, better responds to extreme heat or cold. We can say that the sauna has a beneficial effect on the entire human body and also trains its resistance to infection.

Now included in your special rate!

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Celebration Package

Dear guests!

Hotel General has specially prepared tempting "Party" packages for you.

Celebrate your birthday, wedding, christening or any other important event for you!

We will be happy to provide you with luxury accommodation for a special price. As an extra bonus! We will provide you with a restaurant or bar without additional fees!

We are waiting for your inquiries for


Introvert Romantic package

  • Dear Guests!

    We have created for you the special Introvert Romantic package, with special menu you can exclusively enjoy every day of your stay particularly in the room as well as you can definitely taste the menu in the hotels restaurant, wine bar or even conference space if you would like to. One visit to sauna as well as the special up-grades (Bottle of sparkling wine and flowers) in the room will crown your romantic adventure.

    You can choose an appetizer, main course and dessert from 4 tempting variants of Introvert Menu including vegetarian options here in CZ, EN, DE, FR, RU, IT, ES:


    Please find out the rate for your possible stay easily and without any commitments on link:


Hotel General Vouchers for you. Read more to know more!

  • Why Hotel General?                                                                                     

       Statistically the average period of stay in Prague is only 2, 5 days long. During this period you would rather experience all range of impressions, which this beautiful and mysterious city can give you.  Hotel General can provide you with the unique chance NOT TO CHANGE THE SCENERY.  The magical atmosphere will not abandon you until the moment of your check-out.

        You will obtain the GUARANTEED LEVEL OF SERVICES, confirmed on all travel platforms you could possibly know, starting with booking.com, expedia.com as well as TripAdvisor .com and HolidayCheck.de. Hotel General is listed in the HALL OF FAME on Trip Advisor for minimum 7 years, which means that during all this period the property remains within first 25 recommended hotels among other 667 Prague hotels. Our guests are mostly recommending the HOTEL PERSONNEL, CLEANLINESS and in newest reviews the hotels RESTAURANT as well as the LOCATION, not in the crowded city center but close to all demanded destinations: (Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Shopping malls).  

Despite of all points mentioned above, hotel General is NEVER OVERRATED! It speaks for itself!

  •  Why should you use particularly this possibility?

-          You can be sure that you are  definitely going  to Prague and look forward to your adventure

-          You have the year to choose  and amend the period of your stay

-          You will communicate the offer with responsible hotel management directly, so all your questions will be answered right away by competent person. Now everyone needs the precise answers to their questions!

-          Your contact manager will help you to find the best combination of the hotel products (accommodation, restaurant  special menu, sauna, conference room, concierge offer) in accordance to the value of your prepaid deposit (voucher), period of your stay, events in Prague, holidays and other issues you would like to experience during your stay.

-          Provide your friends, parents or fiancées with a good gift voucher. Your manager would create personally for you the nice one, with the name and wish on it upon your request.

      The only thing which your chosen ones should do is contact us via hotels contact form, which leads to directly to the hotel management, and say: I have the voucher with number ***** (which would be also the number of your prepaid deposit invoice) what can I have for it in, for example, October 2020 or February 2021?

  •  How to get the voucher?

 The minimum voucher value is 200€.

To obtain the voucher please send your request via contact form.

The manager will send you by e-mail the deposit invoice for payment.

Payment should be proceeded by bank transfer.

As soon as we obtain the requested amount on hotels bank account,

You will receive the invoice as payment confirmation

Your invoice number is also your voucher number.

  • Voucher is valid for a year since the moment of purchase


Every event in your life will acquire the necessary significance when you complement it with a trip in a Lancia Thema limousine. Your appearance at the party could have never been more fun and extravagant! We would like to make it possible for you to get the most out of your visit to Prague in such a magical and completely luxurious way.

Package includes:


Lancia Thema White/Black Limo ride for 1hour or 35 km around city

Bottle of sparkling wine inside the limousine

Coffee break with chocolate fondue 

Please test the rate for your possible stay easily and without any commitments on link (min. length of stay 3 nights):